When you depend on getting work done, you need your office to function properly. When your company suffers a loss, getting back to work isn’t as easy as it should be. Mr. Arnett called the team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC to come in to help get his company back up and running. 

After his business was damaged and he wasn’t getting anywhere with the insurance adjusters from his insurance company, Dinker Amatya called in Crossroads Recovery Advocates, LLC. The public insurance adjusters in the team at Crossroads got his business back up and running in no time and Southwest Atrium was ready for business.

Pastor Bernard never expected the church he loves to be hit by a tornado. Any loss is devastating, but his home-away-from-home needed serious help. He hired the team at Crossroads to come help. We were able to recover twice the amount his insurance company originally wanted to pay for the repairs and he is now able to rejoice at his beloved New Wine Church once again.

Janette Agueze, of Making Jesus Real Church, describes her experience with Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC after the church she dedicates her time to was damaged by hail. The experienced Crossroads team is ready to help with your insurance claim today.

Jack Herrin, owner of Herrin-Gear Autoplex, describes his experience with the Crossroads team after a severe hail storm. His insurance company wanted to overlook many of his damages. However, with the experienced public adjusters at Crossroads, his insurance company wasn’t allowed to overlook any details. Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC is ready to help with your insurance claim today with public insurance adjusters who work for you; not the insurance company.

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