Independent Adjuster vs Public Adjuster

After suffering a loss to your home or business, the insurance company sends out an independent adjuster. At first glance, most policyholders assume that this independent adjuster is there to help them recover. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Independent Adjuster vs Public Adjuster

         Although we would all love to believe that the independent adjuster has your best interest at heart; they don’t. Why? The independent adjuster doesn’t work for you! They work for the insurance company. The insurance company is the one paying them to find ways around paying out for your full claim.

         Oftentimes, independent adjusters may overlook damages or not investigate the full extent of damages in favor of helping the companies they were hired to work for. This leaves you with less financial recovery than you are rightfully owed.

         That is precisely why we work as public adjusters. Public adjusters are hired by you, the policyholder, to help ensure that you get the full amount of your recovery possible. We work to help make sure that all of your contractual requirements of your policy with the insurance company are properly fulfilled.

         As licensed public adjusters, we know the policy terminology as well as the many different requirements when it comes to dealing with an insurance claim. We know that attempting to communicate with the insurance company in the wake of your loss is extremely stressful. That’s why we work diligently for you.

We don’t work for the insurance companies. We work for you in order to communicate with the insurance company in such a way that your loss is properly presented to the insurance company so that they can fulfill their contractual requirements when it comes to your insurance claim recovery.

         Don’t let the insurance company hire an independent adjuster and leave you fending for yourself. Get a licensed public adjuster on your side as soon as you file a claim so that we can stand between you and the insurance company. We are here to fight for what you are rightfully owed. 

         If you have more questions about public adjusters or how we can help with your claim recovery, please contact us at 713-369-4300 or you can email us at info@crossroadsira.com.

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