New Testament Baptist Church was hit with a terrible storm earlier this year. They weren’t quite sure where to turn, so having the experienced team of public adjusters from Crossroads Recovery Advocates was exactly what they needed. Pastor Regan could not be happier about how well the recovery process went and is looking forward to getting back to what he loves doing most.

Ms. Parker tried to prepare for the worst after her restaurant suffered a loss. But after hiring the team at Crossroads to help, she was more than pleasantly surprised by just how smoothly and well her insurance claim went! Now, she wants everyone to know just how amazing her experience was with us when her life took a turn for the unexpected.

Cypress Property Management had a large retail center damaged by a tornado. However, with the professional and knowledgeable team at Crossroads, the recovery process was much less time consuming and frustrating than it could have been. 

Mr. Hodges found out firsthand how the team at Crossroads was able to handle his insurance recovery process after his business suffered a fire. Insurance claim recovery is our specialty and Mr. Hodges was pleased to find out that we stayed on top of all of the required forms and details of his claim that he never considered or knew about.

Stephen Usry, owner of Sunbelt Forest Products, describes his experience with Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC after suffering losses due to hail. Let the Crossroads team help you with your insurance claim today.

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