Mr. And Mrs. Driskell never expected lightning to hit their garage. But, when it happened, they allowed the experienced team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC to help so that they could recover faster. They ended up getting the coverage that they rightfully deserved instead of the mere amount that the insurance company originally wanted to offer.

When Mr. Foster’s home was destroyed by a fire, he didn’t know where to turn or what to do. That’s why we, at Crossroads work so hard; we want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything after suffering a loss. No one should have to attempt jumping through hoops or keeping up with all of the items needed for an insurance claim after having everything in their home destroyed.

El Sr. Pérez sufrió un incendio en la casa hace 5 años y el  seguro no lo ayudó a recuperarse adecuadamente. Cuando  sufrió otro incendio, sabía que necesitaba a alguien de su  lado para luchar por su recuperación. Con el equipo  experimentado en Crossroads, el Sr. Pérez pudo  recuperarse completamente del incendio de su casa.

Mr. Perez suffered a house fire 5 years ago and the insurance didn’t help him recover properly. When he suffered another fire, he knew he needed someone on his side to fight for his recovery. With the experienced team at Crossroads, Mr. Perez was able to fully recover from his house fire. 

New Testament Baptist Church was hit with a terrible storm earlier this year. They weren’t quite sure where to turn, so having the experienced team of public adjusters from Crossroads Recovery Advocates was exactly what they needed. Pastor Regan could not be happier about how well the recovery process went and is looking forward to getting back to what he loves doing most.

Mr. Avila didn’t think he would need a public adjuster. He was certain that everything with his insurance claim recovery would go well and smoothly. Until it didn’t. That’s when he decided to bring in the experienced team of public adjusters from Crossroads to properly handle his claim. Here is what he had to say about his experience with us. 

Ms. Parker tried to prepare for the worst after her restaurant suffered a loss. But after hiring the team at Crossroads to help, she was more than pleasantly surprised by just how smoothly and well her insurance claim went! Now, she wants everyone to know just how amazing her experience was with us when her life took a turn for the unexpected.

Mr. Bisel never expected to need a public adjuster, but after deciding to have the team at Crossroads help with his insurance claim recovery, he couldn’t be more pleased with how well him insurance claim process was handled.

Ms. James had a fire in her home and even though she thought that she could trust the insurance company she had been with for 20 years, she soon found out that she needed help with her insurance claim. No matter how long you have been with your insurance company, the team at Crossroads is ready to help you get the recovery that you are rightfully owed. After all, we work for YOU; not the insurance company.

Cypress Property Management had a large retail center damaged by a tornado. However, with the professional and knowledgeable team at Crossroads, the recovery process was much less time consuming and frustrating than it could have been. 

Mr. Hodges found out firsthand how the team at Crossroads was able to handle his insurance recovery process after his business suffered a fire. Insurance claim recovery is our specialty and Mr. Hodges was pleased to find out that we stayed on top of all of the required forms and details of his claim that he never considered or knew about.

Mrs. Janacek suffered a black water loss in her home only months after finding out that one of her children had cancer. With so much to do in relation to the care of her child, there was no reason for her to also be concerned about the safety and recovery of her home. With the Crossroads team on her side, she was able to put her attention on her family while Crossroads dealt with the recovery process for her home. She couldn’t be happier and we are so glad that her family is now able to focus on the important things.

Ms. Nicks was renting a home when she suffered a fire. She didn’t know which way to turn, especially as a renter. After hiring Crossroads, she was able to recover from the fire that damaged her home and get back to her normal day!

When you suffer a loss in your home, you want nothing more than to be able to get your life back in order. The sooner, the better. Mr. Wood called the team at Crossroads to help do just that and we are ready to help with your loss today so that you can once again feel right at home. 

The Vance family was not happy to find one of their bedrooms destroyed. But after getting the team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC on their side, they low coverage that the insurance company offered was only a distant memory and their home was soon repaired!

Stephen Usry, owner of Sunbelt Forest Products, describes his experience with Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC after suffering losses due to hail. Let the Crossroads team help you with your insurance claim today.

When you depend on getting work done, you need your office to function properly. When your company suffers a loss, getting back to work isn’t as easy as it should be. Mr. Arnett called the team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC to come in to help get his company back up and running. 

After his business was damaged and he wasn’t getting anywhere with the insurance adjusters from his insurance company, Dinker Amatya called in Crossroads Recovery Advocates, LLC. The public insurance adjusters in the team at Crossroads got his business back up and running in no time and Southwest Atrium was ready for business.

The Simmanks never expected to have their house burn down after getting hit by lighting. After calling Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC, they were happy knowing that they would be able to once again have a home.

Mr. Sampson’s insurance company tried to tell him that they were only going to pay a small amount for his insurance claim after he suffered a loss in his home. But Mr. Sampson had the team of public adjusters at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC in his side and we helped him get the coverage he was rightfully owed. Unlike the adjuster who works for the insurance company; we work for YOU.

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