No one expects their computer to randomly burst into flames! But that’s exactly what happened to Dr. Iruke’s computer. Luckily, the Iruke family contacted the team at Crossroads and our experienced team of publid adjusters got their home fixed in no time.

Mr. Houmani suffered a loss in his garage and was more than happy when Crossroads came in to help get his garage repaired so that he could finally get back to his normal day.

Ms. Harrison was a bit apprehensive about hiring Crossroads to help with her insurance claim. In fact, she didn’t think that we would help her insurance claim recovery at all. But after hiring our team to represent her in her claim and seeing all of the hard work from our recovery agents, she felt that the decision to have Crossroads on her side was the best decision she could have made for the whole process.

Ms. Galvan suffered a minor fire in her home that ended up being a huge frustration. After being told to not hire a public adjuster by all of the vendors who showed up trying to get her to sign contracts with their companies, she finally found out just how poorly most people are treated during the repair process. Ms. Galvan was able to learn just how much the team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC can help with an insurance loss claim and wants you to know that we work for YOU; not the insurance company. 

Ms. Farnsworth was told that her insurance would not cover one bit of the damage done to her property after a fire. After calling Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC, she was well taken care of and her property got the repairs it needed.

No one wants to have to deal with a ton of calls from their insurance company, especially when trying to take care of everything else after suffering a loss. Mr. Cruze had the team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC help with his claim and was able to let our team handle the entire process. 

Mr. Jones suffered a fire in his home and knew that he needed to have the experienced team from Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC to be on his side. He was more than happy with his decision when his losses were properly covered, thanks to our hard work.

The Bordmans had a fire in their garage when one of their trucks caught fire. The insurance adjuster for the insurance company wasn’t going to get the recovery that they needed. Luckily, they had the public insurance adjusters at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC on their side so that they could get back to their normal days soon!!

Suffering a loss is never fun. But having the team at Crossroads Insurance Recovery Advocates, LLC makes the entire situation less of a frustration. We “talk insurance” so that you don’t need to deal with the insurance adjusters who only work for your insurance company. Let us help you through your insurance recovery claim so that you can get back to your normal days sooner. 

Ms. Mills was not happy when she was getting the “go around” with her insurance company. So what did she do? She called in the team of Crossroads to help! That’s when things finally got done and she was able to get back to her normal day.

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